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Leasing vs Buying

A commercial printer or copy machine can be either purchased outright or leased for your small business allowing you to focus on your deliverables rather than your machine troubles. Why spend thousands on a printer only to then deal with day-to-day problems with quality, drum issues, parts and service? You can simply lease a small business machine from us and pay one low price each month with no headaches. We sell, lease, supply and repair copy machines and printers which are fully warranted and maintained for the life of the lease; with one simple monthly payment, you can print, scan, copy and fax without issue while never running out of ink and toner. We monitor your ink levels through an Internet connection and simply ship you the ink and toner before you run out.

Leasing Printers for Small Business

"I used to send my print work out to a copy center far from my office location. I would pay for the color printing jobs plus shipping to my location. It was costly and took several days to be delivered. This process was followed each time I needed media kits or flyers. Today, I lease a professional high quality printer which allows me to do my own printing right here in my office. The company I lease the machine from monitors the ink levels and ships the new ink before I run out. They are very simple to install when it arrives. If there are any problems with the machine I call them and they come to my office and fix the machine at no cost to me." - John Colascione


Kyocera black and white copiers and multi-functional products (MFPs) provide the most comprehensive line of award-winning copier devices.


With color copying, consistency is key. After all, why should the color you printed yesterday be any different when you print today?


Kyocera's scanners are reliable, high-value, eco-friendly printers which deliver high-resolution scanning with crisp text and graphics.

Fax Machines

All-in-one Copy, Print, Scan and Fax solutions designed for ease of use, exceptional print quality, reliability and speeds up to 38ppm.

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